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19 September 2010 @ 05:25 pm
In May Lynn Flewelling, the author of the Nightrunner Series (who happens to have her blog on LJ (otterdance) announced that she was going to make a chapbook with short stories of some missing scenes and backgrounds of her characters. That was great news as I've been in love with Seregil and Alec for years now!! But that was not all. She also intended to include illustrations from her fans for the book and held a contest.
Some time ago she announced the winners and I was overjoyed to see my name on the list!!

The book is already available online and will be soon at Amazon.
Here is my illustration for the story about how Seregil and Nysander met! I got a little description of a scene, but have not yet read the story. I don't know how fitting the illustration is but I hope for the best! ;)

Seregil & NysanderCollapse )